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Please contact me for any questions.


  • Premade to Order Templates are readymade and handcrafted. They are sized and painted to our best standards of quality.  The painted dancers and figurines have templates serving as guides to fit each frame.  The carved pieces are already sized through our template process for future orders.  New orders are refined, detailed, cleaned and become tailored to each themed artwork.

  • Production and Completion Time is 2-3 days with less figurines or 3 -5 days for complex designs.



  • Atsaq Cups

  • Photo Prints & Posters

  • T-Shirts & Hooties

  • Water Bottles

  • Partnership with Printful® Inc. Charlotte, North Carolina.  Please provide the Promo Code discount at check out.  If you forgot the codes please go to Member Page.




  • Murals and Oversized Art: There are designs so unique from all the rest of past designs that this type of work encompasses extra time needed for completion.  Illustrations will be done to begin the idea process for an image that will flow with 3D application of figurines, masks, fish and animals included with mixed media.

  • Developing Your Personal Painting:  You will be contacted for an interview to hear your story or imagination to pick out "keyword themes," i.e. fish camp, fish net, family, summer, boating, fish, trees, birds and etc.  Draft illustrations with options for your approval will be provided to determine the price range being offered by you. All characters shown on Atsaq Art are based on templates developed by us.  Your design will incorporate these templates and cost ready to achieve a flowing format of characters that best illustrates your theme.


  • Developing Your Theme for Logos:  You will be contacted for an interview to discuss your idea.  Your "keyword themes" will help in developing illustrations.  Several draft illustrations will be made for your review and approval.  We will then view another set based on your favorite design.  Electronic graphic designs are best for media such as JPEG, PDF and PNG formats.  Which are useful in website designs.

  • Production for 3-D Carvings: Once you approve the draft choice, production begins and progress reports with photos will be provided to you. These one-of-a-kind orders require more quality time, designing, sizing, flow format, color coordination and the overall impression of its originality.

  • Time and Cost:  The cost is based on time, frame size, complexity of your design, large custom-made frames may include lumber, canvas overlay on a plywood backboard to secure masks and figurines, supplies, the number of characters, their complexity, natural materials and the number of carvings determine the cost.  Additional figurines around each mask are based on our unique style.

  • Mixed Media: Traditional and contemporary materials are intermixed to achieve the best impression.  They may include more or less of the following natural materials such as driftwood, dentalium seashells, seal or walrus whiskers, empty crab shell, porcupine quills, clam shells, beads, sand, driftwood, goose /ptarmigan /guinea hen or turkey feathers.  Paint may include, acrylic, watercolor, ink, natural iron red and copper blue traditionally used for masks and hunting implements.  Natural colors are mixed with acrylic as a binding agent to enhance pigmentation and its durability.

  • ​Please make your arrangements with the artist before pickup.

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