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16"x20" Framed & Matting (ONLY 2 will be made)

Mixed media: Seal whiskers on Palrayuk. Procupine quills, ptarmigan tail feathers, and beads on mask.  Guinea hen feather and reindeer hair on the mask's forehead.  Carved driftwood from Bethel, and sand from Mekoryuk as part of the background below his feet.  The natural iron ore red and copper ore blue are both from Nelson Island mixed with acrylic as a binding agent.

Palrayuk Version II



    Did you ever wonder why the rivers twist and turn so much?  That’s because Palrayuk has been looking for his favorite meal underground in and around the lowlands, marshes, wetlands near the tundra.  He hunted for Mastodon bones in twist and turns to get the best chance of finding them underground.  READ MORE


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