Consciously Awake

By John Oscar

The ancestors never had booze to celebrate festivities, birthdays, holidays, ceremonies or to mark historic or joyful events. Festivals and ceremonies centered on sharing and love for one another. No worry of pestilence, division, or disfunction among relatives.

Elders understood what caused strife and division among families, friends and relatives. Before modern history, centuries proven traditional and living practices were taught without written form analogous to Proverbs in the Bible. Before the invasive modern man, every original people living around the world had living guidance. All good wisdom comes from God.

Qaneryaraq, Qanruyun, Yungnaqsaraq, Pingnaqucaraq had subcategories that were memorized by repetition as they heard those stories growing up. They had tips to avoid negativity and strife between couples. How to raise children. Hunting and fishing safety practices to avoid danger and observe warning signs. They made and built hunting and fishing implements in a communal house generally occupied by men. The women had their girls learn to prepare and preserve food. Every young person observed how things were made, then trial and error.

These are just some qualities that shaped a person’s belief in nature and the spirit world, the relationship with fish and animals and all those we influence around us by action and words. All action had positive or negative ends. Time proven thousands of years old oral codes that predicted end results of disobedience.

Today, we have the last remaining Elders who lived growing up in that oral tradition. All of them mentioned “qaneryaraq atauciuguq – the word is one” infinitely unchanging.

Outcomes of every human event by action and word profoundly centered on peace. Showing kindness and respect for others by action and words in all utterance. To never reply as quickly as thought provokes. Codes that discern human acts that predict positive or negative outputs.

Many times, I have failed these in my lifetime. In the end, it was up to me how I uphold those values for peace and harmony in my life. No not in terms of money and success, but how I carry those values individually and bless those around me no matter how poor or imperfect I am. Experiences by trial and error are designed to awaken inner consciousness if one was willing and obedient.

Today, March 25 marks my second year with no booze. Check out the memes in “Consciously Awake.”

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