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Please chat below or contact Atsaq with any questions.  All products are “On-Demand” and custom made at the time of order.



The completed artwork by Atsaq John Osar are always in demand and may have sold online, sold at Saturday Markets or during special events and large gatherings.



“Pre-Order” means the item was sold, but able to produce another handcarved replica. You can request to have its face carved out-of-the-blue with its own character.  Let us know Email Atsaq.

  • Completion time is based on the complexity and the number of mixed media,

    • 3-4 days for the 11”x14” frames

    • 4-6 days with complex designs and figurines for 16”x20” frames

  • Because of our remote location sometimes we may be out of a frame size and will add a 5-7 day wait. During the wait, the artwork will be completed ahead of the frame order.

  • If at your request, homemade frames can be made but limited to 11”x14” size with added cost. These homemade frames are made with glass from used windows that come with ultraviolet protection. The glass is thicker and heavier than commercial frames. Ask Atsaq if a homemade one could be made.

  • We use templates to create figurines, carved to size and painted. 



  • If the 3-D Art is over $300, shipping is free of charge.

  • We use USPS Priority Mail shipping out from Bethel, Alaska

  • Items are well packed to prevent breakage. We recycle used packaging from the supplier or the local Alaska Commercial Store to reduce landfill waste and reduce cost.






Atsaq Art carries the best quality and suppliers for printed items on other products. We use the USA based Printful, Inc. in North Carolina as our main print on-demand products. We also use Alibaba and AliExpress for other printed products that are not available in the USA.


Every item is custom-made on-demand to reduce overproduction, reduce material use and energy waste. Thank you for making a good green choice.


  • Backpacks and Bags

  • Blankets and Pillows

  • Cups and Mugs

  • Canvas Prints Framed or Unframed

  • Framed Photo Prints & Posters

  • Face Masks

  • Hats and Beanies

  • Hoodies and Jackets

  • Leggings and Joggers

  • Limited Editions

  • Logos and Banners

  • Miscellaneous

  • Phone Covers and Wallets

  • Water Bottles and Tumblers

  • Ready Made Ready to Ship Items from Alibaba and AliExpress



These products are not produced by Atsaq.Art but are added options to our deign line. These are shipped from Alibaba and AliExpress in China at low inexpesive cost and very much competative to local prices by the time it reaches your mailing address.



  • Murals and Oversized Art larger than 16”x20”: These are separate from the 11”x14” and 16”x20” framed art. There are designs so unique from all the rest of past designs that this type of work encompasses extra time needed for completion.  Illustrations will be done to begin the idea process for an image that will flow with 3D application of figurines, masks, fish and animals included with mixed media.




Atsaq will provide draft illustrations for your review and suggestions. A special page is dedicated to creating ideas on the website:


  • Regular Portraits: A special order for a portrait is painted in acrylic. The recommeded size is a 16"x20" canvas stretched on a wooden frame with a black homemade frame. Figurines like masks, fish or other animal figurines are optional.

    • Cost in time, materials, and complexity: $1,300-$3,000​

    • Added options may include drift wood, natural, traditional and contemporary native materials.

    • Atsaq's time is described with a Price Qoute outlining the cost and materials to be used. No deadline is set for the artwork to be produced.

  • Developing Your Custom 3-Dimensional Painting:  The number of carved figurines on the painting affects the cost. Themes such as fish camp, fish net, boats, fish, trees, birds and others are additions to the cost of the finished product.

    • Cut and paste draft illustrations for your approval will be on display on the Custom Made page to determine the price range. Illustrations are a guide to start the painting.

    • All characters shown on Atsaq Art are based on templates developed by us.  Your design will incorporate these templates and ready to follow a flowing format of characters that best illustrates your theme.


  • Developing Your Theme for Logos:  Your "keyword themes" will help in developing illustrations. Draft illustrations will be made for your review and approval. JPEG, PDF, and PNG formats are incorporated. Once you approve the design(s), you can download your approved graphics right off the dedicated page "Custom Made." The page has a security code only you can access once you approve the price quote at the start.


  • Production for 3-D Carvings: Once you approve the draft choice, production begins and progress reports with photos will be provided to you. These one-of-a-kind orders require more quality time, designing, sizing, flow format, color coordination and the overall impression of its originality.


  • Time and Cost:  The cost is based on time, frame size, complexity of your design, large custom-made frames may include lumber, canvas overlay on a plywood backboard to secure masks and figurines, supplies, the number of characters, their complexity, natural materials and the number of carvings determine the cost.  Additional figurines around each mask are based on our unique style.


  • Mixed Media: Traditional and contemporary materials are intermixed to achieve the best impression. They may include more or less of the following natural materials such as driftwood, dentalium seashells, seal or walrus whiskers, empty crab shell, porcupine quills, clam shells, beads, sand, driftwood, goose /ptarmigan /guinea hen or turkey feathers. Paint may include acrylic, watercolor, ink, natural iron red and copper blue traditionally used for masks and hunting implements. Natural colors are mixed with acrylic as a binding agent to enhance pigmentation and its durability.


  • Please make your arrangements with Atsaq before pickup.

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