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Here a fox is represented, a newer version of the original, always following trails, scent and sounds of potential meal under the snow, namely mice. Always searching for their next meal. They also keep in check the population of small mammals. The scat they leave behind are eaten by insects, while in turn feed the birds and other small mammals. Everything in nature is in cycle, where each in turn helps man. Thus, the circle of foxes represented. The fox coat also turns to clothing for humans. There are stories and legends that were told throughout history among the Alaska Native groups. Stories of how the fox’s coat became red or how he tricked the raven to drop its meal to him.

Yup’ik believed “Ellarpiim Yua” – Person of the Universe, having control over the animals and fish.As the animals returned to Ellarpiim Yua, they told him how well they were treated by the humans.They asked permission to return to the festival by making themselves available through hunting, fishing and gathering the following year.

Ellarpiim Yua then being pleased of the love and respect humans showed for one another, He gave them permission to celebrate life with humans again at their next festival of thanksgiving.

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