Oceans In Peril

Nuna, meq, ungungsiit, neqet’llu ken’ciklluki - Always keep clean the lands and waters, respect the animals and fish.The ancestors reminded us they were beautiful gifts from our Creator, keeping us alive. We must continue that path with responsibility in place. To take only what we need and share. But today the lands, waters, and all the animals are dying due to our irresponsibility in the entire world. The voice of our ancestors has been forgotten.

Everything in this modern world has forgotten its ties to everything on earth. Our planet is dying because of an insatiable consumptive wastefulness. The voracious appetite of greed, no matter where we were in all parts of the world. Everyone dumps destructive poisons into the land, air and waters everywhere. Massive deaths of animals, birds and fish, including the organisms in all waters are happening around the world. Extinction is real, the lands, waters and forests are dying exploited by humans. Is it global suicide, will the death of humanity become real? Every single person is like an individual drop in the ocean. We must all do our individual part. To take only what we need and share, but in the business economy, it is not possible. Can we share the future generations what our ancestors left for us, in the best condition we could? It requires some individual sacrifice. In today's world, it does not seem possible or is it?

Frame Size: 11"w X 14"h / Glass, Framed & Matted, Black Wood Frame Shadow Box:

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