Salmon & Raven 2018

Donated last year in 2018. Appx. 24"x12" Steel, wood & feathers.

I am currently serving as president for the Kuskokwim Art Guild, Inc. since early last year. I have served on the board since 2016. Seven members serve on the board. "The Kusokwim Art Guild was founded in January 2000 (and incorporated in 2003) to help stimulate, nurture and promote creative expression; to network with artists; and to expand education in the arts and develop regional interest". The guild owns the art shop in the Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center.

The guild has been helping the community of Bethel in the arts. It has helped artists obtain needed tools and supplies; collage scholarships; summer youth camps; Bethel bowls for help the needy; juried artshows; and working with other nonprofits in Bethel. Come and visit the store in Bethel:

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