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There are some with chronic dependence on Bethel streets who use their waking time to search and hang out with drinking buddies. The local stores, library, back roads, empty buildings, trails and the river side. They share meals, drinks and smokes. Then steal from stores, pretend to borrow from friends and family or steal while no one is watching. This is desperation.

If they had been allowed into homes, they will keep knocking on the same doors. A desperate lost soul offering leftover booze to gain entry to a host's home. Some will steal electronics, food and anything of value to sell or trade. But not all of them are like that.

They also live with families or friends with free rent, shower, laundry, food, phone, internet and all the comforts of home. Instead of looking for work time is spent indulging in oneself with the cell phone or hunting for booze from drinking buddies. Parents, grandmothers, sisters, brothers, uncles are all affected.

They become experts in accessing cards, cash and checks whatever they can gain or steal. They sell or trade food stamps and girls giving or trading sex for booze or steal from the provider or bootlegger. They will also use the same person who is providing them drink to wait for them to fall asleep to take their wallets, cash or cards. They will also use a partner as a team to take advantage of others.

All this seems a never ending hopelessness. There is a program for folks who wish to become successful, and that is the "Calricaraq" program hosted by the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation, that "seeks to improve individual and community well being using the traditional philosophies that have guided Yup’ik life for generations. This approach is succeeding where Western approaches have failed."

I took the program, and I am proud of the counselors who professionally provide the guidance. I recommend that to all who wish for peace, love and grace. You are not alone. Click the image below.

Other Information for Help in Bethel, Alaska:

YKHC 3 Bethel Centers

Bethel Family Clinic Behavioral Health

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