One Family

An entire globe has paused. That’s 7.5 billion of us. We are a global interactive, huffing and puffing instrument with a monstrous appetite. The business of so many parts of human nature and the relationship to materialism and self-gain.

All the events around the world are a wake up call once again, because we will not listen. The events in the bible are similar. When man became selfish, greedy, perverted and just the same human nature doing the same things except in a modern age on a global scale, God sends reminders of our fragility.

It also gives everyone a chance to catch up on home life, their own reflection, those around them and the world in general. The importance of family, and love for one another. This gives an opportunity to slow down and see all the beauty in family. To remember how the family formed and how it came to be. The relationship with other families and neighbors. The family of God.

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