Rhythm & Flow


As a child, it is a beautiful exciting experience up close, when you can literally feel the wind they make with their dance fans. Everyone moving in one motion in rhythm to the drum and the conductors voice leading the singers what the next verse is. The conductor holding his dance stick with all the beautiful figurines on the dace stick in rhythm.

I could hear “Apasugaq” Augustine Heavy leading everyone drumming, singing, and dancing. It’s like listening to blues or rock and roll with his strong voice half-singing and half-talking above everyone. Everyone moving about so vigorously as one.

This is a brand-new design that includes two reindeer skin drums, drumsticks, ptarmigan feathers, Mekoryuk driftwood, watercolor paper and acrylic on non-yellowing heavy-duty paper all sprayed with clear acrylic for protection. This is a collector item, as new ideas are coming based on this format.

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